InsuDer Cream is a moisturizing and protective cream for the delicate skin of diabetics, containing chitosan, allantoin and panthenol. The pharmaceutical cosmetic is intended to take daily care of dry and irritated skin of the face and body as it creates a protective layer of the skin and helps to keep the skin moist.

InsuDer Cream contains chitosan which stimulates the synthesis of type IV collagen. Because of the haemostatic and antibacterial properties of chitosan, it helps to maintain moisture in the skin, makes the skin more elastic and is used to accelerate the wound healing process. Panthenol, additionally, moisturizes, softens and smoothest the skin. Thanks to these selected ingredients, we obtain the effect of moisturizing and comprehensive protection of irritated and sensitive skin of diabetics.

The formula of the cream has been developed in cooperation with dermatologists and diabetologists to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. The effectiveness of the preparation is confirmed by a series of scientific publications in the PubMed database.


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